About Us.

We are a group of photographers, videographers, journalists and designers who attend Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. We started this project because we noticed a disconnect between college students and their involvement in the Quad Cities community. There are many people in the QC who are doing so many interesting and exciting things such as taking on projects, opening new restaurants, expanding their business and so much more! However, we noticed that a lot of our fellow peers aren’t aware of the smaller businesses and projects that are going on around them. It’s our goal to try and change that. We aspire to bring exposure to these places and get Augustana students more involved with the QC community.

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Igor's Bistro

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Or do you just like spooky decorations? Well Igor’s Bistro in Rock Island, IL might be the perfect place for you! The month October is filled with candy, costumes, gore, ghosts, and goblins. And Halloween is a favorite among many including restaurant owners Rick and Kathy Lopez.

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Theo & Co.

Ever been to the big city and seen all these specialized stores and fancy boutiques? More specifically men’s clothing stores. Well guess what? There’s a store like that right here in the QC!

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