Tammy Mutka (Raw Images)

Photo of Tammy Mutka (Raw Images)

Tammy Mutka (Raw Images)

Have you been looking for a place in the QC to get your picture taken? Or are you just interested in local art? Well don’t venture too far because you’re in luck! Located near Crafted QC, is local business Raw Images.

Raw Images is a Quad City small business owned by photographer Tammy Mutka. Tammy’s photography is special and different from everybody else she actually breaks away from traditional photography and mainstream photography. She doesn’t edit any of her photos! Or as she likes to say “My only edit button is pretty much delete”. The picture taken on the camera is the final picture. But photos aren't the only thing that Raw Images is known for. Tammy even decorates and paints glass, makes jewelry and constructs flower arrangements. Tammy grew up in the area she was born in Moline and lived in Rock Island where she went to Rock Island High School and she later went to Marycrest College in Davenport. Her favorite thing about growing up in the area is how open and easy going the community is.

Something you might notice about Tammy’s art is her love for trains and bridges (She also knows quite a bit about the Crescent Bridge). A lot of her art features a black and white image on a brick or industrial background, which happens to be one of her most valued aesthetics. The logo of Raw Images is also Tammy’s dog!

Wondering where to get some of her art? Well, every Saturday from May to October, Raw Images makes an appearance at the local farmers market. This is one of Tammy’s preferred locations to sell because she gets an opportunity to meet people and hear their stories. “I don’t sell art as much as I sell memories” Raw Images is also located on Etsy and Fine Art America.