Bent River Brewing Company

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Bent River Brewing Company

Close your eyes and imagine this: You have just been served up a delicious hot plate of slow-smoked barbeque while live music plays in the background. The flavors dance across your tongue with each bite and your freshly-brewed drink waits to be sampled. Fortunately, you can experience this little slice of heaven right here in the Quad Cities’s own Bent River Brewing Company. This popular establishment has been widely praised for providing mouth-watering cuisines and house-brewed beverages for over twenty years. The restaurant provides customers with an inviting atmosphere to unwind after a long day at work, to catch up with old friends or to enjoy a lovely dinner outside on the patio.

The aspect that places this company into a league of its own is the positive reputation that precedes their house-brewed beer across the Midwest region. One of the things that sticks out to me the most, because we have been around for so long, our uncommon stout is a very very popular beer, not just in Quad Cities, but in the Illinois/Iowa region here. explains President Nick Bowes. Anytime we take our beer to Madison, Wisconsin or St. Louis Missouri, somewhere new, and take it to a beer festival with a bunch of people who haven’t had it, and watching their reaction the first time that they have it. Everyone here has tried it, and a lot of people like it. But when you get out, and somebody is trying it for the first time, it’s like Wow, that’s a really really great product you guys have there. The brewery produces close to 10,000 barrels of handcrafted beer every year. Their attention to detail results in yearly awards at festivals and brew competitions locally and throughout the Midwest.

This booming business has truly established itself as a top notch Quad Cities brewing institution and has many different aspects that can appeal to people of all ages. Whether you are an individual who likes to relax and unwind or someone who wants to have an entertaining night-out, the Bent River Brewing Company is the perfect place to visit and taste!

Sarah Walton