SAINTS Boutique

Photo of Savannah Necker, owner of SAINTS Boutique

Savannah Necker, owner of SAINTS Boutique

Attention fashion icons: Do you ever find yourself searching for the finishing touch to complete the perfect outfit? Do you try to purchase some brand new clothes before the start of a new season? Trust me, look no further. The charming SAINTS Boutique located in the village of East Davenport caters to your every desire- street-wear casual, classy business attire, stylish night-out looks and so much more. The boutique even carries adorable additions such as handbags, jewelry and other accessories to finish off your fashion-forward appearance.

One of the special parts of this business is the unique identity that each customer can create when purchasing new pieces. We only get in about six of the same styles, says co-founder and owner Savannah Necker. You are not going to be walking about the QC wearing the exact same thing as your best friend. We carry all different sizes, different styles, different trends that fit for every different person.

This savvy establishment is truly a gem within the Quad Cities and can provide any fashionista with the perfect wardrobe as we head into the fall season. Whether you are searching for a nice flannel shirt or a cozy new sweater, SAINTS Boutique will leave you looking incredibly chic.

Sarah Walton