Soi 2 Thai Street Food

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Soi 2 Thai Street Food

Do you have a desire to travel and sample new cuisines around the world? Have you ever worried you’ll be unable to experience the true taste of an authentic meal? Now let me reassure you, you won’t even need to leave the Quad Cities to please your taste buds! The delicious Soi 2 Thai Street Food restaurant located in Rock Island strives to provide it’s customers with traditional cuisines that are as true to form as the dishes served in Thailand. Whether you are looking for an appetizing Ramen noodle dinner or one of their signature dishes, Khao Soi, this business caters to your every desire!

One of the most important gamechangers that Soi 2 Thai Street Food has achieved is its ability to provide genuine meals to customers who have had first-hand experience with Thai cuisine. People, like, I've mentioned customers that have traveled, maybe lived abroad or lived in other cities coast to coast and have eaten at numerous Thai restaurants are like Oh my god, this is fantastic! Co-owner Scott Kuxlik exclaimed. That really means a lot to us to hear that from travelers that have eaten and been about will come back and say that about our food.

The owners of Soi 2 Thai Street Food established such a strong fanbase at the Rock Island location that they decided to expand and create Soi 3: Thai Noodle Shop in Davenport, Iowa. At this newer location, the owner and management team created a new menu centering around yummy noodle dishes. It was very important that both restaurants were able to establish a different identity in their locations.

This mouth-watering establishment has provided all members of the Quad Cities to be transported around the world and expand their taste palates. The next time you are looking for a place to grab a bite, swing by Soi 2 Thai Street food; You won’t regret it!

Sarah Walton