Theo & Co.

Photo of Theo & Co.

Theo & Co.

Ever been to the big city and seen all these specialized stores and fancy boutiques? More specifically, men’s clothing stores? Well guess what, there’s a store like that right here in the QC!

Theo & Co. is an everything men’s clothing store modeled after what you see in the big city. The business even includes a soon-to-be barbershop and shoe shine! You can buy liquor and even watch a sports game there. Theo amp; Co is a place for your fashion needs and is just a cool place to hang out.

Theo & Co. is owned by Annie Stopulos. Annie grew up in the Quad Cities but she left after high school. She went to the University of Kansas and spent a lot of time traveling. For a while, she even lived in L.A.. During her time there, she was one of the seven people to help found Trunk Club, a high end men’s fashion store in L.A.

Annie is delighted to be one of the businesses helping the Quad Cities make big changes in the shopping industry. She recalls that when she was growing up, the QC was not that developed and had a very small-town feel. For Annie, owning Theo & Co. is helping her make a passion a reality. She loves making people feel good in their own skin and helping people find their own style. Theo & Co. is open Tuesday through Friday and is located in downtown Davenport. If interested, they also have an online store avaliable.